Odien Group | Radka Čermáková
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Radka Čermáková

Radka Čermáková, Marketing Manager

Radka has been working at Odien Group as a marketing and communication manager since 2023. With more than 24 years of experience in the field of marketing, she started her career in 1998 in the GLOBUS CR team, where she gradually rose through the ranks and eventually headed the CDCI department (Corporate Identity/Corporate Design). Her position included strategic planning of activities within CDCI, including the development of new concepts for hypermarkets and cooperation with key departments of the company.

She later moved to CENTRAL GROUP, where she managed the Interior Studio, taking care of strategy, team and business development. Subsequently, she worked for EXPERT ČR and K+B PROGRES as Marketing Manager, where she led marketing activities for the Expert, ECG and Yamaha brands. Her goal is to effectively manage marketing and communication activities and achieve measurable results for the companies it cooperates with.