Odien Group | Evžen Listík
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Evžen Listík

Evzen Listik

Evžen Listík, Avia Energo chief operations manager

Mr. Listík is a chief operations officer, responsible for managing the day-to-day operations of Avia Energo, s.r.o., he is also responsible for the strategic development of energy networks in Avia City and the surrounding area.

Prior to his current role, he worked in the energy industry, especially in the production and distribution of heat and electricity. Mr. Listík joined Odien in September 2019 from the innogy Energo where he was responsible for customer relations and for the preparation of new projects based on cogeneration units. Mr. Listík graduated from ČVUT Praha (Czech Technical Institute) – Machinery Engineering Faculty. He is a native Czech speaker, fluent in English.