Odien Group | Environmental Cleanup
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Environmental Cleanup

Project aimed at cleaning and revitalization of the industrial area of the former Avia company in Prague – Letňany. The project was jointly agreed by the Ministry of Finance of the Czech Republic, the association “AVIA 21” and Odien Real Estate.


The Ministry of Finance of the Czech Republic has selected the contractor for the complex rehabilitation of the area in an open procurement procedure, which will be the association “AVIA 21” (AVE CZ odpadové hospodářství s.r.o., Gemtech, a.s. and Ekomonitor spol. s r.o.), where the leading participant of the association is AVE CZ odpadové hospodářství s.r.o.

Now, in cooperation with the owner of the area, the company Odien Real Estate a.s., which will cover a significant part of the costs, it is revitalizing the extensive remains of former automobile and aircraft production. Due to the size of the rehabilitated territory and the scope of the required works, this is one of the largest environmental contracts awarded by the state.


In the future, a full-fledged urban district will be created here, including civic amenities, job opportunities and plenty of greenery. The actual rehabilitation work will begin in spring 2023.