Odien Group | Current Portfolio
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Current Portfolio

Saran Media & Entertainment:  Saran is the leading distributor, producer and broadcaster for premium sports and entertainment content in Turkey, the Caucuses and Central Asia.  Acquiring TV rights and working closely with federations, popular local and global sports clubs, competitions and events, and exclusively representing leading international broadcasters and distributors, Saran supplies the majority of sports programming broadcast on all Turkish and regional television platforms. Saran works closely with international federations such as FIFA, UEFA, and IOC as well as rights holders like the NBA, English Premier League, Wimbledon, and Formula 1. It also holds exclusive or preferential TV and digital media sales and distribution rights of major international production houses and Hollywood studios including Warner Bros, Paramount, MGM and Disney for feature films, TV series and animations.  The Company has the largest entertainment library of TV series, animations and feature films in Turkey and the region.  In addition, Saran owns 4 FM radio stations and has 2 premium sports TV channels: S Sport and ALMA Sport.  Saran also provides production services with its digital dubbing studios, high definition broadcast vehicles, cameras and equipment.