Odien Group | Avia Business Park
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Avia Business Park

A project for the new use of the south-eastern part of the existing AVIA Letňany site in the northern part of Prague in the Letňany district. The aim of the project is to create a comprehensive business park that will provide comprehensive facilities and services to a target group of clients and their customers.


The target group of clients consists of medium-sized and smaller companies from various service, industrial, manufacturing, scientific and research sectors, which demand premises for their activities. The proposed AVIA Business Park premises are designed as a universal, variable rental space that can be used for various, multifunctional uses such as workshops, offices, retail stores, showrooms, etc., with a clear emphasis on those segments of production and services that by their nature will not burden the surrounding area.


The business park will suitably complement the western part of the site, mainly by functions aimed at offering employment and job opportunities for the residents of AVIA City, Letňany and Čakovice, and at the same time will form a complementary offer in terms of services offered.